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first day [11 Sep 2006|09:18pm]
today's first day of classes. i only have three classes today, with two hours inbetween english and bio and three hours inbetween bio and anthropology. It was scary at first, not knowing where to go (the campus is small, but the walk is quite a long walk, especially if you don't know the place) I'm too scared to ask people, being new and all, incoming first year, but i figured what the hell, and went to ask this girl. she was nice enough to show me the north building where english was (i only had like 10 min before classes starts)
English was brutal!...the prof is okay and the class is okay... but the readings and assignments... not so good... let's just move on.
Bio, there's like 300 to 400 people in one class which is WOW!... the prof is ... hmm...nice i think... didn't really get to see her that much (needs glasses) and we already have an assigment. good thing it's just a 5 page read off the textbook thing. Then, i went to meet with my mom before my anthropology class. we had lunch and off i went to last class. Anthro is.hmm... brutal too!! first assigment...20 page reading due on wed... i hate reading!!!... ><; .......

so...so far...
still in transition stage from HS to Univ...
still bored during those 3 hours inbetween times...
still has to find out how sociology and psychology goes...
and still needs to read 15 more pages...
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<3 happy happy happy [07 Sep 2006|10:32pm]
[ mood | happy ]

today's my 18th.

this morning, i can't help it but feel depress and a bit lonely. it's my 18th and i'm all alone in the house. All of my friends are in school now, with an exception of two...who's somewhere i don't know. My family greeted and sang for me early in the morning before they left but that was it. I tried to work on my site to keep me from busy and boring myself out. my dad called me every hour to check up on me (probably knows that i'm depressed...lol) i got some b-day greetings from my friends on my space and friendster (which is really SWEET <3)

my dad called me at lunch and asked me if i wanted to have lunch with him. he works 2 jobs so we can't really have a bday dinner (we'll just celebrate my bday this weekend i guess)... so i drove to my dad's work and picked him out and we ate at this viet restaurant.

i picked up my sister from school and when we got home..she gave me a very cute lovely fanart of who else..but ICHIRUKI ♥ ♥ ♥

past all that... i still can't help it but feel a bit sad... although i don't want to admit it... i felt that way because of one person... bestie... (ate Rozeh...kilala mo yata toh..lol)

its just that... last year..he forgot my bday... and now... this is 18th...it's suppose to be special... and not even a txt or email or a greeting card... i haven't heard from him for a while.

But to my surprise... when i got home from dinner (with my sis and tita)... i checked out friendster and i got like five new testimonials. one of them is from him :3 its just a simple greeting but it means alot to me.

haha... i know it's quite a journal read...and yes... dramatic (a bit? ... too much?) but i just wanna share it.

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site fixed + bleach [05 Sep 2006|10:23pm]
[ mood | awake ]

after what seems a month of waiting..and no site... finally... bliss-delusion is fixed!... and so little time to get all my site back up... considering classes starts on sept 11...and tomorrow's orientation...

bleach 95 today XD...haven't really watched it...still waiting for the subbed... (today's in raw)... and first airing of bleach (dubbed) on sept 8 ^^ (What a b-day present huh?)... what can i say... english voice cast is..errm..not that bad... i expected worse!... but Rukia's voice can do... although i wish it could have been much stronger. Ichigo's voice is okay too...i can live with it...

Bleach manga is... A.N.N.O.Y.I.N.G!!!... the current...err..happenings is just plain arrgghh!!! full of Inoue...sorry for inoue lovers ne?...its just that..i find her ditzy and annoying and .... i better not go on...

and... ichigo fanart!! XD sleep tight

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summer vacation [10 Aug 2006|09:31pm]
mid of summer vacation and i still feel restless. i decided not to have a part time job for the mean time... seeing that i'm starting univ. (focus focus XD)

oh yeh... bleach!!!...so YTV will be airing bleach in the fall... don't know..should i be happy or not?... i'm kind of afraid to watch bleach dubbed!... but who knows..maybe they'll do a decent enough job XD... if not, there's always the good old sub! episode 92...tsk tsk..i'm so disappointed with Ishida... but oh well... we might see some Rukia action. i have episodes 1-71 on dvd...and the rest i'm still waitng... my sister's planning to get me heat soul 3 (bleach psp game) which is awesome! ...kk gotta stop this bleach obsessiveness...

into reality now...

my car is fixed!!! (Atlast!!!..with a few minor..okay..1 minor problem left...oxygen sensor thing that idont really know..or care...but they said i should..lol)

i'm in no mood for drawing..as in...im in a mood for...RO!!

yes...RAGNAROK!!! XD my ro days are coming back!!! bad bad bad....

anyone playing?
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grad [01 Jul 2006|06:43pm]
graduated 3 years ago!! atlast im officially done H.S!! <3

so much mishaps that day...

first... i was 30 mins. late... good thing the grad started at 1...but we were suppose to be there at 12pm.... i came in 12:35pm... hehe <3

i almost tripped... getting my diploma...

my mom video taped my crush...even zoomed in to get a better view..now he has a better shoot than me!..><'

didn't get to eat at thai restaurant... b/c my mom's bf is soo picky!! my dad said he'll make it up to me <3 we ended up eating at montana's...

my car isn't fixed yet...until now..><'

i'm broke..and job less...

my dad doesn't want me to work part time...

oh well..........
good thing is....

my car's nearly done...
my dad got me a laptop for a grad/bday party <3
my sis promised me a psp game <3
my mom's paying for my overly expensive parking fee for next year...
im done H.S
im ready for university XD
more time for drawing....
more time for games....
more sleepy time <3

i'm gonna miss my friend's at H.S...i forgot to get their contacts last grad... tsk tsk...

my crush is going to the same univ as me...to my surprise.... ... and here i am..so ready to let go..tsk tsk...

here's some grad pics ..gonna delete them after wards ...lol

me and my dad <3
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[10 Jun 2006|11:21am]

been cramming since exams is what?...in two weeks? and we still have isu;s?,,,, tsk tsk...
yearbook is next week! haha... my baby pic is there..ahah





been sick alot... not good





been listening to cueshe!!...and DBSK and BoA....and Uverworld!!! ^^

prom pictures ^^

i want a digicam...

BLEACH is still..........GOOD!!
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2 days and counting [31 May 2006|06:27pm]
2 days til prom!!! school sucks!! they did our prom before exams!! so earlly! how can you enjoy prom if exams and isu's are on your mind still?....tsk tsk.... why couldn't they schedule it later...late june perhaps?....
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quit...dvd galore... lazy [29 May 2006|08:36pm]
quit! i finally quit my job!!! im officially jobless as of today! lol....i was planning to hand in my resignation letter a while ago but never got to do it... afraid? nervous? maybe...

dvds.. my dad brought home a lot of dvds!!! movie night incoming! XD

lazy... not doing any homework...tsk tsk tsk....and isu's are still on the way! and we have prom this friday.... tsk tsk tsk...

soo bad! i missed anime north... i went to a friend's debut! it was a blast! XD happi belated dear! XD
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[01 Apr 2006|11:36pm]
[ mood | tired ]

cant study without bleach...much obsessed? yep... hollow ichigo is so irrisistable! *blush* and rukia still kicks ass!!! bleach OVA totally shows Rukia as a true shinigami..not a damsel in distress^^

i was listening to Ichirin no hana hollow mix... its sooo addicting!!! MAki's voice is totally awesome! and Yusuke.... waaaaai!!! and don't forget...there's Takuya of UVERworld!!! his voice is just ... I LOVE HIS VOICE!!!

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marks [08 Mar 2006|08:28pm]
[ mood | tired ]

waaah!! data is brutal....!!! its eating my future!!! lol...haha..over dramatic ne ne??? but yeh...as of now im getting a reallly really low mark!!! can't even look at it... T.T must study hard!...

on the good side, winter break is coming!! yay!!! im soo excited!!! we're visiting universities and such!!! because im excited...im baking cookies! haahha!
anyone want some????

my tamagotchi babii is now 6 years old! yay!!! hahahaha i love her sooooo much!! XD

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tangna na data management [01 Mar 2006|11:11pm]
[ mood | exhausted ]

hate data! why did i even take that course??? should have taken calculus... tsk tsk... Oo;...
its like 5 weeks have passed and still... i dont get any of the DM stuff... T.T i need serious help...

on the brighter side... my tamagotchi is officially m' bebiii! haha... i love her!! XD too too cute..i almost cried (not really..haha) when i left my gotchi at my dad's car... good thing she didn't die... she just got sick and we were on a non talking basis for like an hour... but then, i won her heart again haha! XD

still on a bleach mood!!! i love bleach!!! im going to draw bleach all day! haha...

for ash wednesday..and for lent..i'm giving up...
- kimchi noodles...
-pocky (ouch... hurts soo much)
-jello (ahha...)

i dared my sister to give up anime for 40 days ! lol

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craze craze [26 Feb 2006|03:42pm]
[ mood | sick ]

hahah... bleach is a drug!!! ichiruki is a drug drug ^^... i need a doctor...


i know its old and stuff, but TAMAGOTCHI is luv luv luv!!! waah!! im getting addicted again, especially in connection v.3... at the doctor's office (see..i really need a doctor... XD) i was playing it ^^ the doctor was looking at me weirdly... hehe ^^ mine's only in his teens ^^ and ig to a new character... and he;s stubborn... maybe i spoilt it too much ne?? Oo;//now it wont listen to me... but still i love my gotchi XD

im sick today... didn't go to work... but i have to go to school tomorrow.i have two tests..wish me luck ^^

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homuwaaku... [20 Feb 2006|06:09pm]
[ mood | tired ]

didn't come to school last friday..punishment? missed a lot..., too many homework... a group presentation...and a test... tsk tsk... i missed one day and i have to come back with all this.. T.T but it's no time to slack off! *pushes herself* study study study! it may sound nerdish or whatever but wtf... i dont care...

no net for me until i finish them all... self punishment if you must call it ...

Image hosting by Photobucket
ain't he a cutie???

- - -i wanna make a manga Oo;

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[16 Feb 2006|11:46pm]
omg!...its been soo long since ive updated this thing! you could say that i;ve been busy ... so much has happened (iguess?) lol

Image hosting by Photobucket
i'm currently obsessing with BLEACH KuboTite is such a genius mangaka!! i love his work and the plot line is sooo interesting!!! IchigoXRukia all the way! ^^ the op/ed theme rox!!!! especialy Dtechno-life by UVERworld!!!... thankyou- by Homemade... is catchy while Life is like a boat suits Rukia perfectly...

haha,..i know im ranting on and on..but i'm just inlove with the characters!!..another latest obsession is GSD! asucaga is just sweeeeTTT!!!...Oo;

next to my list is Hana Yori Dango j-drama!!,,, jun matsumoto is super kawaii!! he acts like a kid and stuff...and Inou Mao is just soooo pretty and cute! XD
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awwww...sum.. [19 Oct 2005|05:14pm]
[ mood | excited ]

soo excited!!
cant stop screaming ^^
officially going to the MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE concert!!!!
wheN? 12.01.05'
with? kapatid, mama and ahbee... ^^

can you come? the more the merrier!!

Gerard Way!!!
dark inspiration


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School~ [15 Sep 2005|09:57pm]
[ mood | bored ]

haha! school!! its been more than a week now and still..im not in the mood...

Im instantly failing CHem and its just the first week...
Bio was okay...im with the retards..lol j/k
a period 3 spare has been cruel to me for the past three days... T.T not telling why!!! too insulting! T.T
but now im okay with it..ahah...atleast im with Bianca ne?

humanities is as DEAD as a 100,000,000 yrs old mummy buried in the deepest pits of hell... thats how boring it is!... ><; and my teacher's voice is so monotonous.... --------------------

and yeh... thats my sched...
3A lunch
3B-C spare
4 Humanities

wish me luck this sem!.... (seriously..i need it!)

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disappointing... [07 Sep 2005|10:07pm]
why??? you may ask...cuz.... its my bday and almost no one greeted me...well..the people im expecting to greet me didnt....T.T.... ahha..making a big deal out of it but its just sad....My bestie didnt even say hi when he was online on the 5th.... then didnt even emailed or txted me...or somethng...before he used to call me...just so depressing!

school's okay...i guess...? chem's giving a lot of assignment for the first day!...and waht a huge book!!... atleast we got our lockers today XD
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TCGs addicting +GIFTIE [30 Aug 2005|11:56pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

ahah... did nothing all day but register register register!! XD Oo; waiting for approval now.... im currently obsessing with online TCGs!! XD i find them cool and interesting! XD *time to promote..* try this TailnuYoukai see how it works! really cool! XD currently collecting the hellsing deck!!! XD view my cards SPICY MARMALADE

anyway... school's almost here! XD OO;... graduating now..XD before school..im gonna celebrate my b-day ne?? and yeh... i got my first part time... actually i worked before...but thats only for three weeks ne??? (earned alot XD 12$/hr) ahha XD and now...im starting at wendys this friday? OO;.... waah..my school year will really really be busy!!! XD

visit my main blog @ VERTIGO

hahah...bored...and i miss my Imoutochan, kaseii, at DA so here ya goo!!! its for yooo! ><'

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

*gasp* I FORGOT TO COLOR HER BEADS>>i mean those beads on her hair..T.T

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wish list [28 Aug 2005|09:19pm]
[ mood | amused ]

I want soo much stuff..today i was cruising through some anime stores...uwaaah!! makes me wanna have more money... ><' i want Hellsing Doujins!..i want Chrno Crusade stuffs....(esp. vol 7 and 8 mangas)...i want Hunter X Hunter stuff... Gravitation Soundtrack, Hellsing Soundtracks....lots more..>T.T

some of those are...
i wanna marry this doujin..LOL...i want THIS!!

this too!!!!

I want this too...Paine's nexcklace ne?

really want thiss!!!

these are just some examples.... if only... XD

You are LARVA from "Vampire Princess

ANIME QUIZ - Which Anime Vampire Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

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PISSED... [24 Aug 2005|01:58pm]
[ mood | pissed off ]

alright... maybe i just woke up on the wrong side ne?...or maybe not..cuz when i woke up..i was HYPER...well.not until i read this comment... I posted my manga on smackjeevees right? then i received this comment...

All theese comics look the same. Don't anyon draw lik a American anymor? Evry comic look like the same person draw it. If you draw manga at least make it diffent then what everbody elses looks like.

i was PISSED alright..i mean..who the hell is he?.... im not gonna change my art style just to satisfy his complaints... imean.. c'mon... this is the art style in which im most comfortable with!!! i'm not gonna change it.... the hell with him...T.T...burn! XD

alright..guess i'm alright now...

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